Raised Arms

Shamanic Mentoring

A life changing combination of at home step by step coursework and live online mentoring via skype or zoom

Working with Carmelle has been a truly transformative experience. I have been working with her in the shamanic mentoring program for several months now, and in that time, I have noticed a significant positive shift in my life. I have established a strong connection with spirit through exercises that Carmelle has assigned. I can tap into transcendental states through breath and meditation, and I've found my personal relationships are thriving because of a newfound connection to self and my world around me.   Carmelle's sessions have helped integrate the shamanic coursework into my daily practice by providing me detailed feedback, activities, and traditional healing practices to strengthen my natural intuitive abilities.

If you are looking for a non-judgmental, patient, compassionate, and well-trained shaman, then look no further; I highly recommend Carmelle to anyone in need of spiritual healing, coaching, and training. - Kieran D.