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At some point in your evolution you must go within in order to grow and expand.  Not to seek God, not to become a certain someone or something; but because there is nowhere else to go.


Attempting to heal and resolve habits, patterns and belief systems by looking outward to the world and life as we know it, will only result in a perpetuating cycle of confusion, further entanglement and suffering.


The negative thought and emotion loops, the judgement of ourselves and others, our inability to move past trauma, addiction, likes and dislikes are just a few of the ways that we get tangled up.  We look to the outside world for comfort, security and happiness, thinking that this will help us cope and manage the fear, worry and doubt; but all it does is give a false sense of self and never really gets to the root cause of our struggles.


If we continue to ignore our inner landscape of guilt, shame, judgement and resentment, we will have no hope of salvaging humanity; we will have no hope of healing.


Huq Nuna Shamanic Healing provides the tools, guidance, mentoring and Shamanic Healing needed in order to heal, learn, resolve, expand and awaken.  







Carmelle Kemp - Shaman & Spiritual Mentor